Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee Is Simple

If you pay for profesional tax preparation from a licensed CPA we will guarantee you a savings of no less than 40% off what you paid for last year's services.*

How can we provide high quality work and charge less to you?

Simple: technology is our friend! We do not have the overhead of most tax firms as we network with secure servers to a great team of professionals throughout the country who can efficiently review, complete and e-file your return from the comfort of their office without the cost associated with extra stuff, advertising, office space and we are your planning team locally.

It is a great marriage as our team has its origins in the financial planning field which gives us a completely different focal point. We look for ways to reduce your taxes not only one time, but for the long haul and offer NO COST planning and strategy coaching to each and every client who comes in our door.

Our business is the business of helping your work toward paying the least amount of taxes you can legally with NO GRAY areas period! Rememeber it is not what you make, It is what you keep! Let ys help you keep more of what you work so hard to earn...

We believe that our approach to tax planning focusing on advice is what separates Main Street Tax Advisory of Northern California LLC from other tax preparation services.

Advice + Service = Success
*40% off available to new clients, terms and conditions apply